(c)   "Chalrman'means" a person appointed 9S such under Clause (1) of Article  316  of

             the Constitution.

(d)   "Commission" means  the  Sikkim Public  Service  Commission  constituted  under

             Article 315 of 'the Constitution.

(e)   "Commntee" means a Committee constituted by the Commission.

(f)   "Competent Authority" means an Authority which  is  empowered  to  take  decision

          on the relevant subject under these rules.

(g)   "Constitution" means the Constitution of India.

(h)   "Controller of Examination" means an officer of the Commission authorised by the

           Commission to act as such.

(i)   "Examiner" means a person appointed by the Commission for evaluation of answer

            books  of  an  examination  conducteby  the  Commission,  and  includes  Joint

            Examiner and Co-examiner.

(j)   "Government' means the Government of Sikkim.

(k)   "Initiating Member" means the Member who proposes a discussion on any matter

           or  to  whom  the  file  is  first  sent  for  his  opinion/orders in  accordance  with the

           allocation of business.

(I)    "Interview" means interview of candidates for Personality Test..

(m)  "Member' means a person appointed as such under Clause (1) of Article  316  of

            the Constitution.

(n)  "Order of Distribution of Work" means order of distribution of work among officers

           and staff as approved by the competent authority.

(0)   "Officer' means Secretary and all other- officers of the Secretariat.

(p)   "Presiding Member" means  the  Member  who  presides  over  the meeting  of  the

           Commission in the absence of the Chairman.

(q)   "Secretariat' means an office  under  the  Commission  where  all  the  works  of  the

            Commission are carried out.

(r)   "Secretary" means Secretary  to  the Commission  as  appointed from time  to time

         under the Sikkim Public Service Commission (Staff) Regulation, 1983and includes

         an officer  authorised  by the  Chairman  to  perform all  or  any of  the  functions  of

         the Secretary during his absence,


(s)   "Staff' means  a  person holding  a  post either  in  Group   C   or  Group   D   in  the







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