3.   Meeting.- The Meeting  of  the Commission shall  be  held  with  a  view  to  transacting  its

official business and deliberation. The procedure of the meeting shall be as follows:-

           (a)   The meeting of the Commission shall be held at such interval as may be decided by

                  the Commission. However, the Commission shall meet at least once in three months

                  in its office. The proceeding of  the Commission shall  not  be  invalidated by reason

                 of any vacancy in the office of the Chairman or any other Member.

         (b)   The Secretary shall circulate the details  of  date,  time  and  venue of  meeting  along

                 with agenda notes on all points to be taken up in the meeting.

        (c)   Agenda  points shall be decided  by  the  Chairman  in  consultaton  with  the  Member.

        (d)   All the decisions taken in the meeting shall be recorded  in  the form  of  minutes  or  in

               such other manner  as  the Commission may  direct.  It  shall  be open  to  any  Member

               who dissents from a decision to record his dissenting note and if he thinks fit,  also  his

               reasons there for. But he will  not  convey such dissent to Government  or  any authority

               or any person.

       (e)   If  the  Chairman  thinks  necessary  and  fit,   he may  postpone  any  matter  for  future


      (f)   The  Secretary  shall  submit the  minutes  of  the  meeting within three days  of  the date

             of meeting to the Member and the Chairman for approval.

     (g)   The Secretary  shall  act  as  custodian  of  the  record  of  the  meetings.  At  the  end  of

              financial year, a bound volume of  minutes  of  meetings  shall  be  prepared,  copies  of

              such  volumes  shall  be  distributed   to   the  Chairman  and  Member.   Secretary  shall

              keep one copy.

     (h)   Matters requiring  urgent  decision  of  the  Commission  shall  be  circulated  amon the

             Member  and  the  Chairman  for  their  opinion  and  decision.  If the  Member  does  not

            make available his opinion within   24  hours of submission  of  the  case  to  him,  then  it

            will be presumed that the Member agrees with the proposal.

     (i)   The   decision  of  the  Commission  shall  be  implemented  or  communicated  in  writing

            to  the  concerned  authority  under  the  signature  of   the   Secretary  or  as  directed  by

            the Chairman.

4.   Allocation of business.- The  Chairman may  as  and  when  required, allocate  the  official

business to the Member as may be specified in the orderThe  Secretary  or  any  other  Officer



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