may also be asked in writing to perform any duties assigned  to them  by  the Chairman. The

assigned duties in the absence of the Chairman may be discharged as per the orders of  the


5.  General procedure.- No proceedings of  the meeting of the Commission shall  be  invalid

only by reason of a vacancy in the office of a  member or  the  Chairman or on the ground  that

a Member or Chairman was absent from the  meeting of the Commission. The  meeting  must,

however, have a quorum of two Members.

6.   Decision of the Commission.The decision arrived at in a meeting of  the  Commission

shall be the decision of the Commission. Where a case is circulated among the Members and

the Chairman and where there is agreement among the members and  the Chairman to  whom

the  case  is  circulated,   such  agreed  opinion  shall   be  deemed  to   be  the  opinion  of  the
























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