7.       Supervision, direction and control.-

           (1)  The  supervision.  direction and control of the function of the Secretariat of the  Commission

shall  be  under the Chairman. Chairman shall be the appointing  authority in respect of  the  Secretary

and  such other  officers  as  may  be  prescribed  in  the  recruitment   rules.   He  shall  exercise  such

administrative and financial power as may be delegated to him by orders of the  appropriate  authority.

8.     General function of the Secretary.-

          (1)  Subject to the general or  special  directions  of  the  Chairman  or  the  Commission.  as  the

case may be. the Secretary shall be in charge of the Secretariat and will discharge all official business

pertaining to the Commission under  the  superintendence  of  the  Chairman  in  accordance  with  the

policy and decisions taken from time to time by the Commission.

          (2)  The Secretary shall ensure  that  the policy  and  decisions  of  the  Commission  are  carried

out diligently. efficiently  and  promptly.  He  shall  place  all  the  relevant facts  in  respect  of  all  cases

placed before the Chairman  or  the  Commission  and  render  freefrank  and  correct  advice  to  the

Chairman or the Member. as the case may be.

         (3)   The   Secretary   shall   be   duty   bound   to   draw   the  attention  of   the  Chairman   or   the

Commission. as the case may be if  any  of  the  actions  or  decision  taken by  the  Chairman  or  the

Commission is contrary to any provisions of any rule or law in vogue or  is  at  variance  with  the  policy

decision hitherto adopted by the Commission.  Subject  to  such  power  as  may  be  delegated  to  the

subordinate officer. the Secretary shall exercise general supervision and control over the  staff  working

in the office and he shall be responsible for seeing that the members  of  the  Secretariat  perform  their

assigned duties efficiently and with promptitude.

9.     Authentication  of  orders  and  correspondences.-   Subject  to such  orders   passed   by   the

Chairman. all the communications. including orders passed by  the  Chairman  or  Commission.  as  the

case may be. shall be authenticated by Secretary or any other officer.

10.    Function  of  Additional  /  Joint  /  Deputy  /  Under  /  Secretary.-  Additional /  Joint /  Deputy /

Under Secretary shall  discharge their duties as per  the  distribution  of  works  made  through  standing

orders issued  with  the  approval  of  the  Chairman.  In  the  absence  of  the  Secretary.   the  Chairman

may appoint the Additional Secretary to take charge of the Secretary.

11.    Controller of Examinations.-

           (1)   The  Chairman  may  designate an  officer  not   below   the   rank  of   Additional  Secretary  of

the Secretariat as Ex-officio Controller of Examination.












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