(2)    The Controller of Examination shall be entrusted with the work  of  examinations  and  shall  be

responsible for all necessary arrangements for smooth and efficient conduct  of  examination  to  be

conducted by the Commission. All the Certificate of Admission to Examination or Interview, Results

of Written Examination and Interview to be declared after obtaining  the  approval of  the  Chairman

shall be authenticated by the Controller of  Examination  o in  his  absence  by  the  Joint / Deputy /

Assistant Controller of Examination.

(3)   The Controller of Examination shall submit all the files to the Secretary and the Secretary shall

submit the files to the Chairman or the Commission,  wherever necessary,  for orders.

12.    Function  of  Joint Controller / Deputy Controller / Assistant Controller  of   Examinations.-

Joint Controller / Deputy Controller / Assistant Controller o Examinations  shall  discharge  theiduties

as per the distribution of works made through standing orders issued with the approval of the Chairman.

13.   Function of Drawing  &  Disbursing  Officer.-   The Officer declared by the competent  authority

as Drawing & Disbursing Officer  of  the  Secretariat  shall  aid  and  advice  the  Secretary  and / or  the

Chairman  on al financial  mattersHe  shall  be  responsible  for  prope functioning  of  the  Accounts

Section  of   the   Secretariat.   He  shall  ensure  effective  control  over the  expenditure  and   that   the

provisions of the  Financial Rules and such other allied  rules  relatinto  financial  matters  are  strictly

adhered to.

14.   Duties  of  staff  members.-   Other  staff  members  shalbe  responsible  for  carrying  out  the

duties entrusted to them by standing orders issued from time  to  time. They  shall  ensure  that  official

records are maintained in a proper manner  in  accordance with  the  rules relating to office  procedure

and practices as laid down in the Office Procedure Manual of the Government of Sikkim.
















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