15.   The   Office  Procedure  Manual  of  the  Government  of  Sikkim  shalbe   applicable  to  the

Secretariat of the Commission, mutatis mutandis.

16.   Division of office in to Sections.

The office shall be divided  into  various  Sections  fo proper,  efficient  and  effective  disposal  of

the works of the Secretariat of the Commission.The Section shall be, as far as possible,  under the

charge of a Group B officer. He will be supported by such other Group C and Group D staff as may

be allocated with due regard to the manpower position of the Secretariat.

17.   Sections.

   (1) The works of the Secretariat of the Commission shall  be  allocated  to  the  following Section,


   (a) Establishment Section;

   (b) Accounts Section;

   (c) Legal Section;

   (d) Computer and Data Processing Section;

   (e) Examination Section.

18.    Works to be handled by Section.-

   (1)   The   Establishment   Sectioshall  deal   with  the   matters   concerning    (1)   service

matiers of the Chairman, Members and employees of the Secretariat, (2) receipt  and  despatch

of normal dak. (3) housekeeping. An Under Secretary shall be  in charge  of   the   Establishment

Section and he shall ensure that  the  works  ithe  Sectiois  carried  out   efficiently   and   the

provisions laid down in the Office Procedure Manual are followed scrupulously.

    (2)    The    Accounts  Section  shall  deal   with   all   the   matters   concerning    finance   and

accounts of the Secretariat.  The Officer declared  as  Drawing &  Disbursing  Officer  shall  be  in

charge of the Accounts Section.  The Drawing & Disbursing Officer shall ensure that sanction and

disbursement of  fund are made strictly  in  accordance  with  the  provisions contained  in  Sikkim

Financial Rules and other allied rules. He shall be responsible for preparation of proper annual as

well as supplementary  budgets.  He  shall  coordinate  with various  departments  and  agencies

including the office of the Accountant General. Sikkim.

Generally, the works of the Accounts Section shall be as follows, namely,-

     (a) Preparation of pay roll/pay bill. processing of bills,

    (b) Generation of deduction statements etc.













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