(c)   Other works related to typing of statements etc.

        (d)   Maintenance of all the books of accounts as per rules;

        (e)   Preparation of Budget including Supplementary Budget;

     (3)   The Legal Section shall deal with the matters concerning the proposals received from

various departments of the Government seeking advice of the Commission on the formulation of

rules. disciplinary cases and cases filed in the Court of Law, This section shall be under the charge of

an Under Secretary,

    (4)   The Computer and Data Processing Section shall be responsible for development

and up keep of software to meet various purposes of the Secretariat, This Section shall be responsible

for timely data entry, data processing and data generation and it shall ensure effective support to

the Secretariat in disposal of cases, The Section shall, in general, be responsible for the following

types of work, namely, -

        (a) Typing works;

        (b) Data entry/scanning of applications

        (c) Generation of all the required data, information and documents in connection with

             conduct of examination,

       (d) Preparation of various statements, like statement showing cases pending with staff

            members as per Manual of Office Procedure;

       (e) Maintenance of data relating to manpower of the State Government,

       (f) Maintenance of data relating to cases dealt with by the Commission (This is for the

            purpose of Annual Report of the Commission),

      (g) Upkeep of the official Website of the Commission.

(5) (1) The Examination Section shall be responsible for all the works relating to conduct

of examination and interview for direct recruitment and all cases to be placed before the Selection

Committee/Departmental Promotion Committee, The examination process starts from the time

advertisement seeking applications are issued and it comes to an end with recommendation of

names of selected candidates to the Government, AlI correspondences concerning any examination

shall be made by the Examination Section, Generally, the works of this Section may be listed below,


          (a) Processing of requisition for direct recruitment/promotion.

          (a)  Finalisation of rules of Examination, subjects and syllabi.

          (b) Publishing the Advertisement and results in official Website and print and electronic


         (c) Designing Application Forms,












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