(2)   After the scrutiny, all the doubtful cases will be submitted to the  Controller of Examination

for decision If necessary, he will submit the cases to the Secretary for orders.

    (3)   On   having   completed   the   scrutiny  of  applications  received,   the  applicants   whose

applications are rejected shall be informed accordingly duly giving reason for such rejection.

23. Data entry.-

    (1)   The   applications   which  are   founin  order  shall  be  arranged   and  forwarded  to  the

Computer and Data Processing Section for data entry work. Data entry work will be carried out on

day to day basis.

    (2)   Certificate of Admission will be  issued  to  the  eligible  candidates  under  the  signature  of

Controller of Examination or his subordinate officer in the Examination Section. Such certificate will

be issued at least thirty days before the first day of examination. Adequate publicity will be given  to

the programme of the examination for information of candidates through print as well  as  electronic


24. Storage of Question Papers and Answer sheets and other secret papers/documents.-

    (1)   The Question  Papers  will  be  kept  in   the  Strong  Room  under  proper   lock  and   key.  The

Controller of Examination and one other officer as authorised by the Chairman shall keep  keys  of  the

strong  room.    The  procedure  for  opening  Strong  Room  and  Almirah  where   secret   papers  and

documentincluding  question  paper and  Answer  sheets  are  storeshall  be  laid  down   by   the

Commission and the same will be circulated internally. Each time the strong room is opened necessary

entries will be  made  in  thLog  book  maintainein  the  prescribed  form  (Annexure II).  The  log

book will be inspected by the Secretary once in a month and he will  puhis  signature  on  the  relevant

column in the log book in token of inspection of the Log Book.

    (2)   Persons who will  enter  into  the  Strong  Room  will  give  his  particulars  in  the  Log  Boo with

other details as required to be provided.

    (3)   Unauthorised   persowill  not  enter  into   the  Strong  Room  without  the  permission   of   the

Controller of Examination.

25. Security Arrangements.-

    (1)   Adequate  security   personnel   will   be  detailed   to   guard  the   Strong  Room .  The   Security

Personnel will be secured from the Sikkim Police Force. In case the Police Department finds it  difficult

to deploy Police Personnel in the Secretariat of the Commission, the Commission will make alternative

arrangement at its own discretion.

26. Determination of venue of examination. -   The  Controller  of  Examination  shall  fix  necessary

venue for examination well in advance under intimation to  the Chairman.  He  shall obtain confirmation

from the  concerned  Principal / Head  of  Institution  in  writing  of  availability  of  accommodation  and






















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