facilities and amenity required for conduct of examination. He shall also obtain in writing the capacity

of each hall/class room and also availability of furniture. The Controller of Examination shall also  visit

the  venues  and  ascertain  availability  of    facilities   required  for  smooth  conduct  of  examination.

27. Appointment of Centre Supervisor and Invigilators.-

(1) The Controller  of  Examination  shall  appoint   Centre  Supervisor  and   Invigilators  i the  scale

 is may  be  determined  by  the  Commission  from  time  to  time.  A  Group  A  Officer  of  the  State

Gov8rnmenincluding  Principal or  Head  Master  of  a  Government School may  be  appointed  as

Centre Supervisor. Group B Officers and teachers up to and including the level of Graduate Teacher

of Government Schools may  be  appointed  as  InvigilatorsA  retired  Government  servant  of  the

requisite  rank  may also  be appointed  as  Supervisor Invigilator  provided  they  are  mentally  and

physically fit to shoulder the responsibility.

(2)  While  acting  as  a  Centre Supervisor  or   Invigilator  of  an  Examinationor  working  in   any

 capacity in connection with the  conduct  of  examination, the incumbent concerned   shall  b under

the control of the Commission and any misbehaviour or misconduct  including any  lapse on his  part

shall invite appropriate departmental action as well as legal action  as  per  the law.  In  the  event   of

any omission commission of misbehaviour or misconduct by a Government servant while functioning

as Centre Supervisor Invigilator  or in any other  capacitythe  Commission  may  recommend to the

concerned   Head  of  Department  initiatioof  appropriate   disciplinary   proceeding  against   the

Government servant under intimation to the Commission.

28. Instruction to the Centre Supervisor, invigilators and other functionaries. -

(1)    Instruction  to    the   Centre   Supervisor.   Invigilator    and   othefunctionaries   of   an    Examination

are given in ANNEXURE III. The Commission may amend these instructions from time to time. Violation

of  any   of  these  instructions  by  a  person  appointed  as   Centre   supervisor   Invigilator   or   any   other

functionaries to conduct an examination  will  be  treated   as   misconduct   and   disciplinary   action   may

be initiated on that ground alone.

(2)   The    Controller  of  Examination   shall   forward   a    copy   of    the  Instructions   and   Guidelines   to

the persons concerned along with  the  order  of  appointmentTraining  may  be  held  for  such  personnel

 by  the  Controller  of  Examination  for  briefing  and  bringing  home  the  important  of   each   and   every

instruction laid down by the Commission.

29. Arrangement for transportation of stationeries and question papers to the

examination Centre.-

(1)  The  Assistant  Controlleof   Examination   shall   ensure   that   necessary   stationeries   as   per   the

scale  fixed  for  th purpose  are  despatched  to  the   Centre   Supervisor at   least  15  day before   the

date of examination.

(2)  The  Assistant  Controller   of   Examination   shall   forward   to   the   Centre   Supervisor   two   copies

of certified attendance list of candidates registered in the Centre.















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