(3)  On  the  set  date  o examinationsealed   pockets  of   Question   Paper   will  be  sent   by   the

office of the Controller of Examination and  reached to  the Examination  Centre  under  armed  police

escort which would be received by the Centre Supervisor against receipt ..

(4)   On  completioof  the  examination,  the  AnsweBooks  will   be   collected,  counted,  packed,

sealed and handed over to the Coordinating  Supervisor  whwill  reach  the  same  to  the  Office of

the Commission under armed police escort and hand over the same to the Controller of Examination,

who in turn shall keep the packet in the safe custody in the Strong Room.

30. Coordination with district authorities.-

The Controller of Examination will coordinate with the District Administration and Police for full proof

security  arrangements  anregulatiootraffic  in  the  vicinity  of  the  venue  o examination.  He

will also coordinate with Power DepartmentHuman  Resource  DevelopmenDepartment  etc.  for

their cooperation. The Secretary shall  takuappropriate  steps  to  apprise  the State  authorities

regarding  the   programs   anrequesthem  to  issue   necessary  instruction   tall   the   related

Departments to provide necessary assistance and cooperation to the Commission.

31. Payment of remuneration.-

(1)   The   Controller   of   Examination   shall   make    necessary    arrangement   for    payment    of

honorarium / remuneration  to  the persons  engaged  for  conduct  of  examination a pethe  rates

fixed by the Government from time to time. NotificatioNo. K(27) Gen/ Est / 117/ Gen / DOP  dated

30.05.2008issued by the Department of Personnel, Administrative Reforms& Training, Government

of Sikkim, prescribing rates  for  various  functionaries is  annexed  herewith  as   ANNEXURE IV.

(2 )  The  persons  engaged   for  conduct   of  examination   including  Supervisor  and    Invigilator

may be provided with refreshment at such scale and rate as may be decided by  the Commission

from time to time during the intervals only if there are two or more papers of an examination during

the day. '

 (3)   The   Accounts  Section  ithe  Secretariat  shall  take  appropriataction  to  advance  fund

to the Centre Supervisors subject to submission of detail accounts within a week from the close of


32. Panel of Examiners / Subject Experts.-

(1)   The   Commission   shall   prepare    panel   of    examiners    for     each    subject    in   which    the

Commission holds examinations or may constitute a Committee for the purpose. Different Committees

may  be  constituted  fo different  subjects.  The  reports  of  the  Committee  shall  be  laid before  the

Commission for approval. The Commission make such alterations or additions as it  deems fit  in  the

panel prepared by the Committee.

(2)   No officer of the Commission shall be placed on the panel of examiners.















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