(3)   The panel so prepared and/or approved by  the  Commission  shall  be  reviewed  by  it  at

least after every two years or sooner.

(4) The Panel of Examiner shall be secret  document  and  it shall  be  kepin  safe  custody  by

the Controller of Examination under seal and shall be submitted to the Chairman or Member on


(5)  Examiners,  Pape setters , Subject  Specialist  shalbe appointed  by  the Commission  from

the  panels   made  in   accordance  with  the   provisions  made  hereinabove.  They  may  be  paid

remuneration and provided with other facilities as per the norms approved by the Commission from

time to time.

33. Setting of question papers.-

(1)      A  Question  Bank  mabe  maintained  as  far  apossibly  the  Commission  i accordance

with the instructions issued by it from time to time.

(2)   Till   such   time   a   functional   Question   Bank  is   established,    the  Paper   Setters   may   be

appointed by the Commission and they will be required to set question papers which will be received

in   sealed   cover   and   shall   be   kept   in   the   safe   custody   of   the  controller  of   examination

(3) Wherever necessary,   sealed   question   papers  shall   be   handed   over  to   Moderator   after

getting a receipt from him for the purpose of moderation  of  questionsHe  will put  the   moderated

question papers in different sealed covers. He will not put anidentificatiomark  ove the  covers

and hand them over to the Controller of Examination or his nominee  after  getting  a  propereceipt.

(4)   The   Chairman   will   select   one   of    the  moderated  question  paper   without   opening   the

sealed covers and send it for printing.

34. Printing and packing of question papers.-

(1)   Question  papers  wil be   printed   under the   personal  supervision   of   the   Controller   of

Examination and he will be responsible or maintaining the confidentiality of all the Question Papers.

For    this      purpose,   adequate     infrastructure    shall     be    developed    in    the    Secretariat

(2) Question papers, after printing, will  be  packed  in  such   a   manner   as   per   the    direction

issued by the Chairman to the Controller of Examination.

35. Storage of question papers.-

(1)  The  sealed  packet  containing  question  papers s halbe  stored  ithe  Strong Room of  the

Commission till such time these packets are transported and delivered to the Centre  Supervisors /

Coordinating Supervisors.

(2) Proper entries in he Log Book of the  Strong  Room  shall  be  madwhile  storing   the  packets

and also taking the packet out of the strong room to the examination centers.









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