36. Storage of Answer Books and other documents of the examination.-

(1) After the  examination  is  over,  the  Centre  Supervisor  shall  send  the  sealed  packets  with

all the relevant documents to the Commission's Secretariat the same day. The Centre Supervisor

shall pack and  seal  the answer books in accordance with the instructions issued  in  this  regard.

(2) The  Answer  Books  and  other  documents related  to  the  examination  shall  be  kept  in the

Strong  Room of the Commission. Necessary entries shall be made in the Log Book of the Strong


37. Codification of Answer Books.-

The  sealed  packets containing the Answer Books shall be opened under the personal supervision

of the Controller of Examination and the same shall be codified in such a manner that the identity of

the Answer Book  is  neutralized  before it is sent to the examiner. This shall be done with a view to

maintain secrecy.

38. Evaluation of answer books-

(1)   The  Answer  Books     will      be  evaluated  by   the  concerned   Examiners  appointed  b the

Commission. For this purpose, the Examiners may be invited to the Commission or where this is not

feasible, the Answer Books shall be packed and sealed and despatched to the Examiners by Insured

Speed   Post   as  soon  as  the   examinations   and  codification    of  the   answebooks  are   over.

(2)   The   Controller  of    Examination   shall   coordinate  with    the  Examiners   for  ensuring  timely

completion of evaluation work. The Examiners shall return the Answer Books, after evaluation,  to  the

Controller of Examination in a sealed packet through Speed Post. They shall draw and send necessary

mark sheet in a separate sealed envelope . .'

39. Compilation of marks and preparation of final consolidated mark-sheet.-

(1) As soon as the Answer Sheets and   mark   sheet   are   received  from   the    Examiners,    the

Controller of Examination shall  take  necessary action for compilation of marks  obtained  by     he

candidates and prepare consolidated Mark Sheets. The Mark Sheets shall then  be  placed before

the Commission    for    its   information    and    approval    of   the  Mar Sheets.

(2The  Controller of   Examinations   shall  cross. check   the  correctness   of  the  marks  posted  in

the Mark sheets sent by the Examiner with reference to the evaluated Answer Books. For this purpose,

the Controller may check at least 15%of the total number of Answer Sheets returned  by  the   Examiner

in  random.  If   any   discrepancy  is  noticed,  the  Controller  of  Examination   shall   make   necessary

correction in the Mark Sheet and the correction made shall be countersigned by him.

(3)   the  commission  may  at  its   discretion   cross  check  the  marks  with  reference  to  the   marks

given by the examiner on the answer book.











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