40.     Result of the written examination.-

    (1)   The   Commission   shall ,   with  reference  to  the  minimum  qualifying  marks  as  may   be

prescribed and the marks obtained by the candidates in the written  examination,  prepare  the  list

of successful candidates.

    (2)   Where the number of candidates  in  the  list  prepared  under  sub-rule   (1)  is  unreasonably

large with reference to the number of vacancy /  vacancies  notified ,  the  Commission  may  restrict

the number of candidates to be called for interview to a  maximum  of  five  times ,  and  in  any  case

not less than three times, as far as possible , the number of vacancies notified. Where the number of

candidates who succeed in the written examination is less than three times  the  number  of  vacancy

notified, all such successful candidates shall be called for the interview/Viva-voce test.

    (3)   The list prepared under sub-rule(1) subject to sub-rule  (2)  shall  be  displayed  on  the  notice

board of the Commission. It may also be  published  in  local  news  papers  and  broadcast  through

local electronic medium for general information.

    (4)   The list shall  contain  the  Roll  Number  and  name  of  the  candidates  in  descending  order

of roll number so that the order of merit is not disclosed at this stage.

41 .     Call for interview.-

    (1)   The  candidates  whose  names  are  included  in  the  list  published  under  rule  40  shall  be

invited to appear before the Selection Board for interview/Viva-voce/personality  test  on  such  time,

date  and  venue  as  may  be  indicated  in  the  calling  letter.  If  a candidate  fails  to turn  up for

interview  on  the  specified  time  and   date,  he  will  be  marked   ABSENT  and  he will  be

deemed  to  have  forfeited  the  examination  Irrespective of  marks  secured  by him in  the

written examination.

    (2)   All the documents and  certificates  of  academic  and  other  qualifications  in  original   shall

be verified before the candidate is allowed to appear before  the  Selection  Board.  If  a  candidate

fails to produce original certificates or documents for verification, he shall not be allowed to  appear

before the Selection Board for interview.

42.     Declaration of final results.After completion  of  interview,  marks  of  written  examination

and interview are combined and a merit list of candidates shall be finalised  in accordance  with  the

procedure end orders in vogue with the approval of the Commission. A list  of  candidates  equal  to

the number of vacancy/vacancies notified  for  each  category  as  per  the  requisition  made  under

rule 18 of these rules, arranged in order of merit inter-se, shall be published / notified  in  the Notice

Board, Newspapers and electronic medium, incorporating therein the roll  numbers  and  names  of

such candidates and the category  under  which  the  candidate  is  recommended.  Simultaneously,

the list shall be forwarded to the Appointing Authority for taking further action.

















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