43.     Requisition.-

      (1)   For   the   purpose   of   recruitment to   a   Service   by  selection / promotion,  the  concerned

authority of the State Government shall send requisition in the prescribed  proforma  (ANNEXURE V)

duly furnishing all the requisite information as per the  proforma.  Essentia informatiorequired  may

be listed as under:- .

      (b)   Name of the post to be filled up

      (c)   Name of the Service to which the post belong;

      (d)   Number of vacant post to be filled up;

      (e)   Proportion   of   vacancies    to    be   filled   up   by   promotion    and   other   conditions   laid.

             down under the recruitment rules;

      (f)   List  of  existing  officers   in   the   relevant   grade   to   which   recruitment   by   promotion   is

            sought to be made to fill up the existing vacancy /Vacancies.

      (g)   Total number of cadre posts of the Service

      (h)   Total  numbeof persons  so  far  recruited   to   the   Service   by   selection / promotion.

      (i)   Eligibility conditions prescribed under the recruitment rules;

      U)   Notified seniority list of persons who are eligible for  consideration   for   selection  /

             promotion to the Service.

      (k)   Copy of relevant recruitment rules.

    (2)   The requisition shall be accompanied by complete Annual Confidential Reports, Vigilance

Clearance Certificate issued by   the  Directorate  of  Vigilance  Police,  Departmental  clearance

certificate with regard to any disciplinary  cases,  complete  notified seniority list,  and  such  other

information and document as may be necessary.

44.     Scrutiny of the requisition.-

      The requisition shall be processed and thoroughly scrutinised in the Secretariat with reference

to tile recruitment rules and  the  department  sending  the  requisition  may  be advised  to  furnish

supplementary information as when necessary. When  the  complete  information  and  documents

required under the rules are  received,  the  meeting  of  the  Selection  Committee / Departmental

Promotion Committee shall be convened on such date and time as may be fixed with the approval

of the Chairman.












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