45.    Meeting of the Selection Committee / Departmental Promotion Committee.-

The Meeting of the Selection  Committee / Departmental Promotion Committee shalbe chaired

by the Chairman or in his absence by  the  Member. The proceeding  of  the  meeting  wil not  be

invalidated if one half of the numbers of  the  members  of  the  Committee  are  presenprovided

either Chairman or the Member of the Commission is present.

46.    Procedure to be followed in assessing the suitability of a person.-

    (1)   Where the vacancy is to be filled up on the basis of seniority subject to fitness, the Selection

Committee / Departmental Promotion Committee shall assess the Annual Confidential Reports for

the required period of service of the senior-most person. If he is found suitable for  promotionthen

the Committee shall recommend his name. In that caseit  will  not  bnecessary  t consider  the

case of other persons. If, however, the Committee does not find the senior-most person suitable for

. promotion, then the Committee will consider the person next below in the seniority.

    (2)   (a)   Where  the  vacancy is to be filled up on the basis  of  merit-cum-seniority,  the  Selection

Committee shall consider the cases of all the  persons  who  are  in the zone  oconsiderationTheir

suitability will be judged on the basis of relative assessment of their Annual Confidential Reports and

other service records. Equal number  of  Annual  Confidential  Reports  in  respec of  all  the  eligible

officers shall be taken into account fore this purposeThereafter,  thCommittee shall  prepare  final

list on merit and recommend the name of person on the basis of final merit list.

           (bFor  the  purpose  of   relative   assessment   of   Confidential   Reports,    the    Committee

may adopt the system of making overall  relative  assessment  of  Annual  Confidential  Reports  and

other service records  and  preparation  of  final  merit  as  contained  in  Notification   No.65/Gen/Est

dated  19.6.1981  issued   by  ththen  Establishment  Department  (now  Departmenof  Personnel,

Administrative Reforms & Training).

            (c)  The question whether  a  person  come  within   the  zone  o consideration  for   promotion

shall  be  decided   by  the  rules  and  instruction issued   by   the  Government   from  time  to  time.

    (3)   The Committee  shalconsideACRs  for  equal  numbeof  years  in  respect  of  all  officers

falling within the zone of consideration for assessing their suitabilitfor promotion. While  making  the

assessment, the Committee shall not be guided merely by the overall grading  that may  be  recorded

in the ACRs but shall make its own assessment on the basis or the overall entries made in the  ACRs.

Where the Reviewing Authority or the Accepting  Authority,  as  the  case  may  be,  has  overruled  the

Reporting Officer  or  the  Reviewing  Authority  respectively,  the  remarks  of  the Accepting  Authority

should be taken as the final remarks for the purposes of assessment.

47.    Sealed Cover Procedure.-

    (1)   The  Sealed   Cover  Procedure  laid  down  by  the  GovernmeniDepartment  of   Personnel,

Administrative Reforms and Training, from time to time,  for  promotion oGovernment Servant  against

whom  disciplinary  or  court  proceedings  are  pending  or  whose  conduct  is  under  investigation shall












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