be followed in the case of officer against whom such proceeding is pending or whose conduct is

under investigation but who falls within the zone of consideration for promotion,

     (2)    The findings of thSelectioCommittee/Departmental Promotion Committee shell  be

placed in the Sealed Cover and it shall  be forwarded to the concerned  department  from  which

requisition is received,

48.    Recommendation of the Commission.-

      (1)    The  minute  of  the  meeting  of  the  Selection   Committee /  Departmental  Promotion

Committee shall be drawn giving details of the case and the final merit list, The minute shalbe

signed by all the members of the Committee present in the meeting,

      (2)   The minute of the Committee shall be placed before the Commission or its concurrence

and approval.

      (3)   The minute of the meeting of the Committee. after its concurrence  by  thCommission.

shall be forwarded to the Department concerned of  the  Governmenalong  with  all  thAnnual

Confidential Reports received along with the requisition, The letter orwarding  the  minute  of  the

meeting shall be marked "Confidential" and shall be sent in a sealed cover,

49.    Review Committee Meeting.-

     (1)    The  proceedings  of  any  SelectioCommitteeDepartmentaPromotion  Committee

may be reviewed only if

             (a)    the Committee had not taken all the material facts into consideration. or

             (b)    there were grave errors in the procedure followed by the Committee. or

             (c)    the adverse remarks in an officer's Annual Confidential Reports considered by the

                      Committee are expunged or modified.    or

              (d)   any other genuine ground.

      (2)    The Review Committee would consider only those officers who were eligible for consideration

at the time the Original Committee met, The. Review Committee would also restrict their scrutiny of  the

Annual Confidential Reports for the period relevant to the Original Committee  meeting,  If  any  adverse

remarks relating to the relevant period were toned down or expunged. the modified Annual Confidential

Rolls should be considered as if the original adverse remarks did not exist at all.

     (3)    It shall be entirely  at   the  discretion  of   the   Commission   to   convene   the   meeting   of   the

Review Committee, The  Review  Committee  shall  consist  of  the  same  persons  who  constituted  the

Original Committee.

50.    Limited    Departmental    Competitive    Examination,  -      Wherever     limited     departmental

competitive   examination   is   prescribed  as  a   mode  of  determining  suitability  of  a   candidate   for















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