RECRUITMENT BY INTERVIEW

51.    (1)    There are certain  posts, for example Lecturer and Principal of Colleges,  recruitment  to

which is  done on the basis of Personal  Interview  of the  eligible  candidates.  Requisition  for  such

recruitment shalbe sen by  the  concerned  Departmenof  the  Government  ithe  proforma   of

requisition prescribed for direct recruitment through open competitive examinatio(ANNEXURE b.

All the relevant information  and documents  will  be forwarded  by  the  said  Department  along  with

the requisition. These information and documents include essential qualification, age limit, details of

reservation duly supported by the roster point,  recruitmenrules.  The  department  will  furnish  such

other information as may be called for by the Commission.

         (2)    The requisition will be thoroughly scrutinised in the Examination  Section with  reference to

the eligibility conditions prescribed for the post in the relevant recruitment rules,  and  othe essential

conditions concerning Roster Points, if applicable, No. of vacancies with reference to the sanctioned'

strength and existing strength.

        (3)     When the requisition is verified and scrutinised, the proposal along with draft advertisement

will Le submitted to the Secretarthrough  the  Controller  of  Examination  foorders.  The  Secretary

may pass orders to release the advertisement unless he  thinks it  appropriate to obtain the  orders  of

the Chairman. )

        (4)      The applications received in response to the advertisement  by  due  date  antime  shall

be scrutinised on day to day basis by  the  Examination  Section  and  approval  of  thController   of

Examination shall be obtained on doubtful cases.

         (5)      The  applicantwhose  applications  are   rejected  shall  bintimated  about  reason  for

rejection of their applications duly giving reason(s) for rejection of application.

         (6)      The eligible candidates  shall  be  invited for  interview  on  suctime,  date  and  placas

may be mentioned in the letter. All  the  certificates  and t estimonials  in  original  of  althe candidates

shall be verified before they  appear  before  thSelection  Board . I any  candidate  fails  to  produce

original certificate in support  of  fulfilment  of  essential  qualifications  and  conditionshe  may  not  be

allowed to appear for the interview.

       (7)       The   Selection    Board  o the   Interview    Board   constituted   by   the   Government    by

Notification, and   in   the   absence  of  such  notification  the  Selection  Board   or   Interview    Board

constituted by the Commission, shall interview  the  candidate.  The  Commission  may  invitsubject

expert or any other person with expert  knowledge  in  the  subject  concerned  to  be  on  its  Selection

Board or Interview Board.
















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