52.     Requisition.- ,

          Where a post is required to be filled up by promotion from lower grade,  the  course  of  action

elaborated in Chapter VI herein above shall be taken. A proforma of the requisition is appended as


53.    Annual Confidential Reports, Vigilance Clearance, Departmental Clearance

Certificate. -

       The  requisition  shall  be  accompanied  by   all   the   relevant   information  enumerated  below-

           (a)      No. of sanctioned posts/sanctioned strength

           (b)      Existing strength and list of existing officers.

           (c)      No. of vacancy to be filled up by promotion

           (d)      Eligibility conditions prescribed in the relevant recruitment rules,

           (e)      Notified seniority list of persons who are eligible for consideration for promotion, The

                     Seniority list should contain all the service details of the persons concerned including

                     date  of  birth,  qualificationdate  of  first  appointment,  date  of  promotion  to    the

                      present grade.

          (f)        Copy of recruitment rules.

          (g)       Annual Confidential Reports for the required period, Vigilance and Departmental

                     Clearance, and such other documents as may be necessary.

54.    Meeting of the Selection Committee/Departmental Promotion Committee.-

        (1)     Meeting of the Selection  Committee/Departmental   Promotion    Committee    shall    be

convened only after the Commission is satisfied that all the required information and documents are

received. The Secretary may return the requisition if the required information or the document is  not

received with the requisition or even after the deficiency is pointed out to the concerned  Department

of the Government.

       (2)    The Minute of the meeting shall be signed by all the Chairman of the Selection  Committee/

Departmental  Promotion Committee  and other  members present  in the meeting.

       (3)     The Minute of the meeting shall be placed before the Commission for  consideration and

concurrence and thereafter the Secretary shall  forward  the same  to  the  Government  througthe

Department which had sent the requisition.
















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