55.   Frequency of meeting of the Selection Committee / Departmental Promotion
        Committee. -

        (1)      Selection  Committee /  Departmental  Promotion   Committee  constituted  under   the
recruitment rules of   a Service may  meet once   in a year. Meeting of a Committee  for  more  than
once in  a year may  be  convened  if the Commission is satisfied that such meeting is in the  public
        (2)     In other cases, the Commission may refuse to entertain the requisition to avoid repetition
of meeting of the Selection Committee/Departmental Promotion Committee.
56.    Sealed Cover Procedure.-  The  provision laid down in rule 47 herein above shall be followed
in a case where an officer who falls within the zone of consideration but  against  whom  disciplinary
proceeding or court proceedings are pending or whose conduct is under investigation.
57.    Review Committee Meeting.-  The  provisions  laid  down  in  rule  49  herein  above  shall be
followed in a case where Review Meeting is necessitated.























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