58.    The Commission shall be consulted in the cases of all  disciplinary  matters  pertaining  to  civil
posts except where it is exempted under the rules. The case will be forwarded to the Commission by
the Disciplinary Authority by filling up the prescribed proforma  (ANNEXURE Vl)  and  furnishing  the
following documents, namely,-

      (1)      Copy of charge sheet along with the statement of imputation of misconduct or
      (2)      Proof of receipt of charge sheet by the delinquent Government Servant,
      (3)      Written Statement of Defence, if any, submitted by the delinquent Government
      (4)      Order appointing Inquiring Authority and Presenting  Officer;
      (5)      Report of the Inquiring Authority along with record of proceeding of the Inquiry
               (Daily Order sheet, documentary and oral evidences);
      (6)    Provisional decision of the Disciplinary Authority on the Inquiry Report.

59.    The Commission shall examine the case with reference to the rules regulating such inquiry and
see whether or not -

     (1)    complete record required to be sent to the Commission are received;
     (2)    the procedures laid down in the relevant rules are followed;
     (3)    the allegations are proved;
     (4)    the penalty proposed by the Disciplinary Authority is justified with reference to the
             charge proved: and .
             (a)    agree with the proposal of. the Disciplinary Authority; or
             (b)    advise the nature of penalty different from the one proposed by the
                     Disciplinary Authority; or
             (c)    advise the Disciplinary Authority to take action according to the procedure
                     laid down in the relevant rules governing such inquiry (if the Commission is
                     satisfied that inquiry made is not in accordance with the rules);
60.      All  the records received from the Disciplinary Authority   shall  be  returned to the Disciplinary
Authority along with the letter  conveying  the  advice  of  the Commission, duly  retaining  photocopy
of the said documents in the Secretariat for future reference.

















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