SERVICE RULES

61.    Constitutional provision.- All appointments to the Public Services in the State are  governed
by the rules made by the Governor under proviso to Article  309  of  the  Constitution.  According  to
sub-clause (a) and sub-clause (b) of clause (3) of Article 320 of the Constitution, the Commission  is
required to be consulted in framing the Rules and amendments there to in respect of all  civil  posts.

62.   Consideration of Draft Service  Rules.- While  scrutinising  the Draft  Service  Rules  including
any  amendments  to the existing rules, the various aspects relating to the needs and requirements of
the  Department, duties  attached to  the  posts, essential  qualification  and experience, age, method
of recruitment etc. shall be examined in the Secretariat.

63.   Amendment of Service Rules.-   In  the  case  of  amendment  of  rules,  all  the  amendments
proposed to be made are to be  sent  to  the  Commission,  for  its  concurrence.  In  such  cases, the
Secretariat of the Commission shall examine the nature of  Service.  the  existing  Rules,  amendment
proposed, effect of amendment and whether the Commission was consulted previously  in the  matter
or not. If there is a departure from the original Rules referred to the Commission, the reasons there for
should be very carefully examined.

64.    Reference  to  rules  of  other  States  or  Central  Government.-   The  Commission shall be
free to refer to rules already in existence for similar or equitable Services or posts  in  the  State  or  in
other States or in the Central Government.




















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