ANNUAL REPORT


65.   Preparation and submission of Annual Report.- As envisaged  under  Article  323(2)  of the
Constitution, the Commission shall prepare annual report about the work done by  the Commission
and present it to the Governor. The Governor shall, on receipt of such report, cause a copy  thereof
together with a memorandum explaining the cases. if any, where the advise of the Commission was
not accepted by the Government. the reasons thereof, to be laid before the State Legislature.

66.   Contents of an Annual Report.-  The Annual Report  shall  comprise  of  the  following  items,

               (a)   PART I      -     Introduction

         (b)   PART II      -    Promotion by interview

         (c)   PART III      -    Direct recruitment

         (d)   PART IV      -    Promotion

         (e)   PART V       -     Disciplinary case

         (f)   PART VI       -      Visit

         (g)   PART VII      -      Miscellaneous

         (h)   PART VIII     -       Acknowledgement

         (i)   APPENDIX

67.   Time table for preparation  and  submission  of  Annual  Report.-   Annual  Report  for  a
financial year shall be prepared by the Secretary and approval of the Commission obtained by the
end of the month of May and printed by the end  of  the  month of  August  of  the  following  year.
Adequate number of copies shall be  forwarded  to  the  Department  of  Personnel, Administrative
Reforms and Training, Government of Sikkim. by the first week of September.

68.   Follow  up  action  on  the  Annual  Report.-   Necessary   copy   of   Memorandum,  if  any,
accompanying the Report and intimation with regard to the laying of the  Report  in  the  Legislative
Assembly shall be ensured from the Department of Personnel, Administrative Reforms and Training
for record and future reference.












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