69.   Cases pending in the court of law:-

     (1)   The cases filed in a Court of Law in which Commission is imp  leaded  as  a  party  shall  be
contested with due care and diligence. The Legal Section of the Secretariat shall  prepare  parawise
comments of the Writ Petition or the Plaint in a Civil Suit, as the case may be, based on records and
obtain the approval of the Chairman before these comments are forwarded to the counsel. Secretary
shall affirm affidavits and file replies in the Court.

     (2)   A counsel of appropriate standing shall be retained  by  the  Commission  to  represent  the
Commission in the Court of Law. Necessary Retainer  Fee and other Fees of the  Counsel  shall  be
settled as per the rates mutually  agreed  upon  between  the  Commission  and  the  counsel.  The
Commission may engage more than one counsel if  the  Commission  finds  it  necessary  to  do  so.

70.   Weeding out of records.-

.    (1)   Office records shall be  weeded  periodically  in  accordance  with  the  provisions  laid  down
in rule 227 of the Sikkim Financial Rules, 1979.

     (2)   Records  which  are  not  mentioned  in   the   above   mentioned  rule  shall  be  weeded  out
after the expiry of the period indicated in ANNEXURE VII. The Commission may. whenever  it  finds  it
essential, direct retention of any of the records included in the Annexure II for more than the maximum
period prescribed therein.

     (3)   Under Secretary in the Establishment Section of  the  Secretariat  shall  take  up  the  weeding
out process in the month of April every year and weed  out  the  records  after  taking  approval  of  the

     (3)   A  complete  detail  of  the  records  destroyed  after  expiry  of  the  period  of  retention  shall
be maintained by the Under Secretary and the said record shall be retained permanently.

71.   Application under Right to Information Act.-

     (1)   The  Sikkim  Public  Service  Commission,  having   been   constituted  under   the  Constitution,
is a Public Authority for the purpose of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

     (2)   The  Chairman  shall  appoint  an  officer  of  the  Commission  as  Assistant  Public  Information
Officer, Public Information Officer and Appellate  Authority  under  the  relevant  provisions  of  the  Right
to Information Act, 2005 and Rules made there under.

     (3)   Such   officers   shall   deal   with   application   made   under   the   provisions  of  the  Right  to
Information Act, 2005 and Rules made there under in  accordance  with  the  provisions of  the  said  Act
and Rules.












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