Composition, Pay and Tenure

4.  The Commission shall consist of a Chairman and one, or  ' more  other  Members  as  the
Governor may consider necessary from time to time.

5.  A Member of the Commission shall hold office for  a  term  of  6  years  from  the  date  on
which he enters upon his office or until he attains the age of  62  years,  whichever  is  earlier:
Proved that the Member of the Commission may, in writing addressed to the Governor, resign
his Office earlier:. Provided further that a Member of the Commission may be -

(i)  removed from his officer earlier  in the  manner  provided  in  Clause   (1)  or Clause  (3) of
Article 317 of the Constitution;

(ii)  suspended in the manner provided in clause (2) of Article  317  of  the  Constitution.

6.  The Chairman shall draw a consolidated salary without allowances of two  thousand rupees
per mensem and the Member shall draw a consolidated salary of eighteen hundred rupees per
mensem in addition to their pension.

                                                                 PART III

7.  A person appointed as Member of the Commission shall  be  entitled  to  leave  as  may  be
admissible to the SikkimG0vernment  Servants.

8.  The  power  to  grant  or  refuse  leave  to  the Member  and  revoke  or   curtail   the   leave
granted to him shall vest in the Governor.

                                                                PART IV
                                        TRAINING AND OTHER ALLOWANCES

9.  (i)    A Member, on appointment for his journey to take up the assignment shall be
entitled to travelling allowances admissible to a Class I Officer of Sikkim Government from the
station of his normal stay. Similar travelling allowance shall be admissible for his return journey on
completion of term of his Office.

    (ii)    A Member, when travelling on duty, shall be entitled to travelling allowance at the
rates admissible to a Class I Officer of the Sikkim Government.









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