10.  The Staff of the Commission may include a Secretary 'and such other  gazetted  and  non-
gazetted staff as the Governor  may  from  time  to  time  determine  in  consultation  with   the'

11.  The Secretary shall be appointed by  the Commission with  the  approval  of  the  Governor.
The   normal   tenure   of  the  office  of  the  Secretary  shall  be  five  years  provided  that  the
Commission may, with the approval of the Governor, extend the tenure of the Secretary  by any
period not exceeding three years. The Secretary shall not, however, remain in office beyond the
age of sixty years.

12.  The Secretary shall be paid during the tenure of his office pay and  allowances as  may  be
determined by the Governor in consultation with the Commission.

13.   In respect of all other matters for which provision is  not  made  by  these  Regulations,  the
conditions of service of the Secretary as well as other members of the Commission shall  be  the
same as applicable to the servants of the Sikkim Government.

14.  The Gazetted Officer and Non-Gazetted staff in the Pay Scale of RS.270-445 and  above  of
the Commission shall be appointed by the Commission and other  Non-Gazetted  staff  shall  be
appointed   by   the   Secretary.   They  shall  receive  such  emoluments  as  are  admissible  to
Government   Servants  of  the  corresponding  grades  in  the  Sikkim  Government  Secretariat.

15.  The Commission, in case of the gazetted  officers  and  non-gazetted  staff in the pay scale
of Rs.270-445and above and the Secretary, in case of  other  non-gazetted  staff  including  the
Grade IV employees shall be the authority who may impose any of the  penalties  prescribed  in
the Sikkim Government Servants' (discipline and Appeal) Rules, 1974.The Governor, in  respect
of the Gazetted Officers and the non-gazetted staff in the pay  scale  of  Rs.270-445 and  above
and the Commission in respect of other non-gazetted staff including Grade IV  employees, shall
be the Appellate Authority.

16.  In  respect  of  any  matter  for  which  provision  is  not  made  by  these  Regulations,  the
conditions of service of persons serving as a Member of the  Commission  or  its  staff  shall  be
governed by  the  rules  and  orders  including  Sikkim  Government  Servants'  Conduct  Rules.

17.  If any doubt arises about the interpretation of any f these regulations,  interpretation  of  the
Governor shall be final.


                                                                                        T.S. GYALTSHEN
                                                          CHIEF SECRETARY TO THE GOVERNMENT OF SIKKIM











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