GOVERNMENT OF SIKKIM
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No.9(2)Home/82/3557                                                    Dated Gangtok the 13th January 1983



      In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-clause (a)  of  Article  318  of  the  Constitution,  the
Governor of Sikkim hereby makes the following regulations, namely,-

1.  Short title, commencement and application.-

    (1) These   regulations   may   be   called   the  Sikkim  Public  Service  Commission  (Members)
Regulations, 1983.

    (2) They shall come into force on the date of their publication in the official gazette.

    (3) They shall apply to the Chairman and  Members  of  the  Commission  holding  office  at  the
commencement of these regulations but not so as to vary to disadvantage  of  the  Chairman  or  a
Member, the conditions of service to which he was entitled immediately before the commencement
of these regulations.

2.  Definitions.- In these regulations, unless the context otherwise requires,-

    (a) "Chairman" means  the  Chairman  of  the  Commission and  includes  an  acting  Chairman
 appointed under Article 316(lA) of the Constitution.

    (b) "Commission" means the Sikkim Public Service Commission;

    (c) "Constitution" means the Constitution of India;

    (d) "Government" means the Government of Sikkim;

    (e) "Member" means a member of the Commission and includes the Chairman thereof.

3.  Number of Members.- The number of members of the Commission, excluding the Chairman,
shall not exceed two.













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