4.        I{(1)   The   Chairman   shall   receive   a   pay  in  the    2[Pay    Band  4 -  Rs.
37400-67000  plus  Grade  Pay  of  Rs.  12,0001-]  and   each  of  the  Members shall
receive a pay  in  the  3[Pay  Band  4 -  Rs.   37400-67000   plus   Grade  Pay  of  Rs.
10,0001-]. This shallnot  prevent   the   Chairman   or   a     Member    from   drawing
pay in the scale  in  which  he  drew   his  last  pay  on  the  date  of  retirement,    or
immediately   before   his  appointment    as   s uch,   in  lieu  of  the  scale   of   pay
prescribed for Chairman or a Member. Option once exercised shall be final:

           Provided  that  any  member  who is   in   service   of   the   Central    or   any
State   Government ,   Local  Body,  University   or  any     other    body    wholly    or
substantially    owned    or    controlled   by  the   Central    or    State    Government
immediately  before  his appointment  as  member  and   was  drawing  a   pay  more
than the minimum of the scale of pay  prescribed,  his  pay  shal l  be   fixed  i n   the
same stage of pay he would  have  drawn  had  he  not  been  so   appointed   as   a
member  and  if  there  is  no  stage, in  the   stage  next  higher  in   the   prescribed
scale of pay:

         Provided further that

        (i)      in   the   case   of  an   appointment,  as   the Chairman  or  a  Member, of
                 a   person  who  has   retired    from   service   under   the   Central   or   a
                 State    Government ,  a   Local   Body,  a   University     or      any     other
                 body   wholly   or   substantially   owned   or   controlled  by  the   Central
                 or  a  State   Government  and  who  is  in  receipt  of,   or   has   received
                 or   has    become   entitled    to   receive   any   retirement   benefits    by
                 way of pension, gratuity, in respect of previous service or

       (ii)      in the case of exercise of option under regulation 8( 1)
                 the pay in that event plus gross amount of pension (including any portion of
                 the pension which may have been commuted) shall not exceed the  last pay
                 drawn at the time of retirement or exercise of said option, as  the case  may


 I {}  Deemed to have been substituted with effect from 1.1.1986 vide Department of Personnel
 Notification No. I5/Gen/DOP dated 30/6/1994.
2 [] Substituted with effect from 23/7/2009 vide Department of Personnel Notification No. 176/Gen/DOP
dated 231712009.
3 [] Substituted with effect from 231712009 vide ibid.




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