(2)     The Chairman and  other  Members shall  also  receive Dearness  Allowance and  Additional
Dearness Allowance respectively at the rates applicable, from the time to time  to  the  Chief  Secretary
and the Secretary (drawing corresponding pay) to the Government:

(,,' ''',,' """ "'''' '" '" ",,)2

Explanation.- For the purpose of this regulation-

        (i)      Service under  the Union or  a  State Public  Service  Commission  shall  be  considered  as
 service under the Government;

        (ii)     the term "University" shall include any institution for higher education wholly or substantially
financed by the Central Government or any State Government or both and deemed to  be  a  University
under section 3 of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956;

        (iii)     the term "any other  body  wholly  or  substantially  owned  or  controlled  by  the  State  or
Central Government"  shall i nclude Government Company as defined  in  the  Companies  Act,  1956,
and any other statutory body  whether  incorporated  or  not, in which  the Central Government or any
State Government or both has a controlling interest in share or  other  capital thereof,  or  has  directly
or through its nominees substantial control over its working.

5.       Retirement  from  parent  service  on  appointments  Member.-  A   Member,   who, on  the
date of appointment to the Commission, was  in the service  of the  Central  or  a  State  Government
shall be deemed to have retired from such service with  effect from  the date  of his   appointment as
Member of the Commission.


1 [ ] Substituted vide Establishment Department Notification No. N(4)219/Gen/ Est dated 10.10,198'3.
2 [ ] Proviso to sub-regulation (2) deleted vide ibid.








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