6.      Leave admissible to a Member In the Service of the Central or State Government.-
Notwithstanding anything contained in regulation 5, a Member who, at  the time of his appointment
to the Commission, was in service of the Central or a State Government-

         (a)     may be granted leave ("." ...)3 even after  he attains the age  of  superannuation  in  the
same manner as provided in the rules applicable  to him  immediately  before  his  appointment and
his service as Member shall count for such leave; and

        (b)     the leave at the credit  of any  such  Member in his leave account shall not lapse  on  the
date of his appointment as  Member  but shall  be carried  forward  and  may be  availed  during  his
tenure as Member.

7 . Leave admissible to a Member who was not In the service of the Central or a
State Government.-

(1)     A Member who, at the time  of his  appointment  to the Commission,  is  not  in  service  of
the Central or a State Government  shall be  entitled to leave as admissible to  officers  of  the  Sikkim
Government at the highest level.

       (2)     Cash payment in lieu of unutilized earned leave in certain cases.-

       (1)     A  Member  shall  be   paid  cash  equivalent of  leave  salary  in  respect   of  the  period  of
earned leave  at  his  credit at the time when he ceased  to  hold  office  as  such  or  when  his  option
under regulation 8(1) becomes effective.

       (2)     The payment of cash equivalent  of  leave salary under  sub-regulation  (1)  shall  be  limited
to a maximum of one hundred and eighty days of earned leave.

       (3)     The cash  equivalent   of  leave salary thus admissible shall  become  payable  to  a  Member
in one lump sum as a one time settlement.

       (4)     Cash payment shall be  equal  to leave salary  as admissible for earned leave and dearness
allowance admissible on that leave salary  at  the  rates in force on the  date  he  becomes  entitled  for
such payment. No city compensatory allowance and house rent allowance Shall be payable.

8.      Pension payable to members who were in the service of the Central or a State

       (1)      A Member who at the time of his  appointment  as such is in the service  of  the  Central  or
a State Government, shall at his option  to  be exercised within period of six  months  from  the  date of
his appointment, be  entitled to  draw pension and other retirement benefits under the rules applicable
to the service to  which he  belonged with effect from the date of his  appointment  (as such)4  Member
(or any later date as may be specified in such option.


3 [ ] The expression "by the Government" deleted vide Home Department Notification No. 9(2)Home/82/28 dated 21.4.1984.
4 [ ] Inserted vide ibid.

5 [ ] Inserted vide ibid.





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