Provided that a Member serving as such on the. date of commencement  of  these  Regulations
may exercise his option within three months from the date of such commencement and  such  option
may be given to be effective from the date of his appointment as such Member or any  later  date  as
may be specified in such option.

        (2)      A Member who at the time of his appointment as such, was in the service of the  Central
or a State Government and does not  exercise  the  option  referred  to  in  sub-regulation  (1),  shall
count his service as Member for pension and retirement benefits even  after  he  attains  the  age  of
superannuation in the same manner as provided in the rules applicable to the Service  to  which  he
belonged immediately before such appointment.

9. Gratuity payable to Members.-

        (1)     Subject to the provisions of these regulations, every Member shall, on his ceasing to hold
office as such Member, be paid gratuity for the period of service rendered by him:

Provided  that  no  such  gratuity  shall   be   payable  to  a  Member  if  he  has  been  remove   from
office or if he ceases to hold office as Member before the completion of three years.

       (2)     The gratuity shall be  paid  at  the  rate  of  completed  years  of  service  multiplied  by  the
amount of the monthly pay drawn.

Explanation 1.- When the total service for gratuity is  rendered  by  a  person  partly  as  Member  and
partly as Chairman, the gratuity admissible  to  such  person  in  each  such  term  shall  be  calculated

Explanation 11.- The duration  of  service  of  a  person  as  Member  shall  be  computed  in  terms of
completed years, but if the service rendered is  six  months  or  more, additional benefits  of one  year's
gratuity may be allowed to one who completes a minimum period of 3 years of service.

10. Option  to  subscribe   to   the   General   Provident   Fund   (Sikkim  State  Service).-    Every
Member   may,  at  his  option,  subscribe  to   the  General  Provident  Fund  (Sikkim State Service)  in
accordance with the rules or orders governing that Fund subject  to  the  condition  that  the  maximum
limit on subscription, if any, shall not apply if the Member chooses to subscribe in excess of such  limit:

        Provided that a Member who on the date  of his  appointment  was  in  service  of  the  Central  or
a State Government and who had been admitted to  the  benefits  or  any  other  Provident  Fund  may
be allowed to continue to subscribe to that fund, in accordance with the rules or regulations applicable
to  that  Fund.'  until  he  reaches  the  date  on  which  he  must  compulsorily  retire  from  Service  in
accordance  with  the  rules  applicable   to  him  in his service. On that date, his accumulated balance
in that Provident Fund,  including  the  Government's  contribution,  if  any,  shall,  if  the  Member  has
exercised his option to subscribe to the General Provident Fund  (Sikkim State Service)  be  transferred
to the said fund:

Provided   further   that    where   a   Member   opts  to   withdraw   the  accumulated  balance  in  that
Provident Fund, including the Government' contribution, if any, the said balance shall be paid  to  him.







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