(Published in Sikkim Government Gazette NO.2 dated 15.1.1987)

                                          GOVERNMENT OF SIKKIM
                            ESTABLISHMENT                 DEPARTMENT

No. J (1I)504/Gen/Est.                                                                                                                   Dated31/12/1986.


       In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to clause 3 of the Article 320  of  the
Constitution of India and in supersession of all previous  orders,  circulars  and  instructions
issued from time to time on the subject including  the Notification  NO.5  (256)5655/Gen/Est.
dated  21st  February,  1983,  the  Governor  of   Sikkim  is  pleased to  make  the  following
regulations as respects the services and posts in  connection with the affairs of the State  of
Sikkim, specifying matters in which it shall  not be necessary for the  Sikkim  Public  Service
Commission to be consulted, namely :-

1.     (a) This regulation may be called  the Sikkim Public  Service  Commission  (Exemption
from Consultation) Regulation, 1986.

2.     In these regulations unless the context otherwise requires.-
        (a)    "Commission" means the Sikkim Public Service Commission;
        (b)    "Constitution" means the Constitution of India;
        (c)    "Government" means the Government of Sikkim;
        (d)    "Governor" means the Governor of Sikkim;
        (e)    "Service" means any Civil Service and "Post" means  any civil post, In connection
                with the affairs of the State of Sikkim.

3.     It shall not be necessary to consult the Commission in regard  to  any  of  the  matters
mentioned in sub-clause (a) and (b) of clause 3 of the Article 320 of the Constitution in  the
case of services and posts specified in the Schedule of these regulations a nd  other  posts
in respect which  the  Government  shall,  after  consultation  with  the  Commission,  direct
that appointment may be made without reference to the Commission.

4.     It shall not be necessary to consult the Commission  on  any  of  the  following matters,

(a)    the   determination   of   the   number   of    vacancies    to  be  filled  in  a  service  any
particular year ;








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