(b)    the  determination  of  the  strength  of  the  cadres  of  different  services;
          (c)    The determination of the pay of Government servants on their first appointment;
          (d)    the determination of the initial pay of officers recruited by direct recruitment of by
          (e)    transfers of Government servants to foreign services;
          (f)    reservation of posts to backward classes to any other sector of people of the State.

5.    It shall not be necessary to consult the Commission-

        (a)    on matters of inter-departmental  and  infra-departmental transfer  from  one  post  to
                another in the same Service ;
        (b)    on the principles to be followed in transfers from one post to another post,
        (c)    On  the  suitability  of  candidates  for   transfer  from  one  post  to  another  in  the  same

6.    It shall not be necessary to consult the Commission with regard to the selection and appointment of .
a person on contract, co-terminus and consolidated (fixed) pay basis and on deputation from
the Central Government or from any other State Government.

7.    Disciplinary Case.-

       (1)    It shall not be  necessary  to  consult  the  commission o n  any  disciplinary  matter  affecting
a person serving in connection with the affairs of the State except; .

          (a)   where the Government purpose  to  pass  an  original  order i mposing  any  of  the
                 following penalties on a Government servant, namely.
                (i)    Censure;
                (ii)   With holding of his promotion;
                (iii)   Recovery from his pay of the whole or part  of  any  pecuniary  loss
                       caused by him to the Government by negligence or breach of order;
                (iv)   With holding of increments of pay;
                (v)   reduction to a lower  stage  in  the  time  scale  of  pay  for  a  specified  period  with
                       further  directions  as   to  whether   or   not   the   Government   servant   will   earn
                       increments  of   pay   during   the   period   of   such  reduction  or  whether  on  the
                       expiry   of   period,   the   reduction    will  not   have   the  effect  of  postponing  the
                       future increments of his pay;
               (vi)   Reduction   to   a   lower   time   scale  of  pay,  grade,  post  or  Service  which shall
                       ordinarily   be   a   bar  to  the  promotion  of  the  Government  servant  to  the  time
                       scale   of   pay,   grade  or   pos  or  service  from  which  he  was  reduced,  with  or









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