without  further  directions  regarding  conditions  of  restoration  to  the  grade  or
             post  or  Service  from  which  the  Government  servant  was  reduced  and     his
             seniority   and    pay    on    such    restoration   to    hat   grade,   post  or  Service;

    (vii)    Compulsory retirement;

   (viii)    Removal   from    service    which   shall   not    be   a   disqualification    for    future
             employment under the Government.

       (b)   where the Governor proposes to pass an order on  an  appeal  against   any   order
               made by a subordinate authority imposing  any  of  the  penalties  specified  in sub-



       (c)    Where  the   Governor   proposes   to  pass  an  order  overruling  or  modifying  after
               consideration of any petition  or  memorial  or  otherwise, an  order  imposing  any  0/
               the said penalties made by the Governor or by a sub-ordinate authority ;
       (d)   where the Governor proposes to pass an order imposing any of the said penalties  in
              exercise of the powers of review and modification of an  order  under  which  none  of
              the said penalties has been imposed.

(2)   Nothing mentioned in clause (i) shall be  deemed  to  make  it  necessary  to  consult  the
Commission in any case -

        (i)    Relating to withholding of increments of a Government servant for his failure to pass
any departmental examination in accordance with  the  rules  or  order  governing  the  service
which he belongs or post which he holds or the terms of his appointment.

       (ii)    Relating to stoppage  of  a  government  servant  at  the  efficiency  bar  in  the  time
scale of pay on the ground of his unfitness to cross the bar;

       (iii)    relating to non-promotion  of  a  Government  servant  whether  in  a  substantive  or
officiating capacity after consideration of his case, to a service, grade or post  for  promotion  to
which he is eligible;

       (iv)    Relating to reversion of a Government servant officiating in  a  higher  service, grade
or post to a lower service, grade or post, on the ground that h~ is considered to be  unsuitable
for such higher service, grade or post or on any administrative ground  unconnected  with  his

       (v)    relating to reversion of a Government servant appointed on probation  to  any  other
service, grade of post to his permanent service, grade of  post  during  or  at  the  end  of  the
period of probation in accordance with the terms of his appointment to  the  rules  and  orders
governing such probation ;

      (vi)    Compulsory retirement of a Government servant in accordance  with  the  provisions
relating to his superannuating or retirement ;










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