(vii)    Relating to termination of the service-

        (a) of   a   Government   servant   appointed   on  probation  during  or  at  the  end  of  the

        (b) of   his   probation,   in  accordance  with  the  terms  of  his  appointment  or  the  rules
and orders of the appointing authority; or

        (c) of   a   Government     servant,   employed   under   agreement,   in   "accordance   with
the terms of such agreement;

(viii) In   which   the  Commission  has,  at  any  previous  stage  given  advice  in  regard  to  the
order to be passed and no fresh questions has thereafter arisen for determination

    (3) It   shall   not   be   necessary   to  consult  the  Commission  or  any  memorial  or  petition
where the Governor proposes to pass orders rejecting such memorial or petition.

    (4) It shall not be  necessary  to  consult  the  Commission  in  any  case  where  the  Governor
propose to make an order of dismissal, removal or reduction in rank after being satisfies that such
action is necessary in the interest of the security of the State.

                                     By order and in the name of the Governor.


                                                                                                              D. K. GAJMER,
                                                                                          Additional Secretary to the Government,
                                                                                                      Establishment Department.















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