(See Regulation 3)

1. Appointment of officers and staff of the Sikkim  Legislative  Assembly  Secretariat  under
Article 187(2) of the Constitution.

2. Appointment of District Judges and promotion thereto  under  Article  233  &  235  of  the

3. Appointment of personal staff of the Governor.

4. Appointment   of   Advocate   General,  Government  Advocates,  Assistant  Government
Advocate and Public Prosecutors.

5. Appointment of Advisor/Consultant to the Government for specific period and for specific

6. Appointment of persons in State Government Undertakings.

7. Appointment of Chairman, Members to any other adhoc or statutory body.

8. All appointment of persons to non-gazetted posts.

9. Selection and appointment of persons on contract, Co-terminus and consolidated (fixed)
pay basis.

10. Deputation from the Central Government or from any other State Government.

11. Transfers from one post to another in the same service.








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