Civil service in India is regarded as  steel-frame and  the back bone of the

                                              administration in the country. This thought was given due importance by the framers of

                                              the Constitution and they thought it essential to provide for an Institution which could be

                                             given  the responsibilities of,  selecting  suitable candidates in  a  fair and  transparent

                                             manner who would man civil posts at various levels of the administration in the country.

                                            Accordingly, Article  315  of  the Constitution of  India  provided  for a  Public  Service

                                            Commission for the Union and a Public Service Commission for each State.


                                                              The framers of the Constitution had thus envisaged the Public service Commission

                                            as  an  independent  body  and  expected  it  to  function in fair and  transparent   mannerTo

                                            insulate the Commission  from adverse  influences  from any quarters , the Constitution further

                                            provided numerous protective provisions .These  provisions can be summarised as  under:-

                                                                (a)    Very experienced persons are appointed as Chairman and/or Members of

                                                                         State Commissions for a limited period. by the Governor of the respective

                                                                         States and they can only be removed from office by order of the President

                                                                         on  the  ground  of  misbehaviour  after  the  Supreme  Court, on reference

                                                                         being  made  to it by the President, has, on inquiry held  accordance, with

                                                                         the  prescribed  procedure,  reported  that  the  Chairman  or  such  other

                                                                         member, as the case may be, ought on any such  ground to  be  removed.


                                                              (b)    The conditions of service of Chairman or a  Member cannot be varied to

                                                                       his disadvantage after his appointment, A Chairman or  a  Member of a

                                                                      State Public service Commission is not eligible for any other employment

                                                                      under a State Government or Central Government except as Chairman or

                                                                      member of Union Public Service Commission.

                                                            (c)   The expenses of the State Public Service Commission including any salaries,

                                                                    allowances and pension payable to  or in respect of any  member  or the staff

                                                                    of the Commission are charged on 'the Consolidated Fund of the State.

                                                            (d)   The  Annual  Report  of  a  Commission  together with  a  memorandum

                                                                    explaining the reason for none acceptance of the recommendation of the

                                                                    Commission, if any, is laid before the State Legislature.


                                                       Sikkim Public service Commission, like any other State Public service Commissions

                                               in  the country ,  is  created  under  the  same  provisions  of  the  Constitution  of  India  as

                                              discussed above .  It  was constituted  in  the  year  1983  with the appointment of  its  first

                                               Chairman .  No member  except the  Chairman  was   appointed  at  that  time .  Thus  the




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