Sikkim  Public Service Commission  is  in  existence for more  than  a  quarter of century. It

had  a  very  humble  beginning   with  very  limited  functions  in  the  beginning  .  But  as  it

gained  maturity ,  more  responsibilities  were  bestowed  on  it  by  the  State  Government.

Presently , the Sikkim Public Service Commission has been given the responsibility of, inter-

alia , conducting  examinations  and  recommending  suitable  candidates  for appointment

through direct recruitment to the posts  in  Group  B  and above , all  teaching  posts  in  the

Colleges ,  promotion  to  and  from  Group  B  posts  and  State Services  ,  advising   the

Disciplinary  Authorities  on  disciplinary  cases.


The  Commission has so far been guided  by  Notifications , Circulars , Standing Orders

and  precedents in carrying out its functions . The  time  has ,  however, changed and the

fair-play  and  transparency  have  become  the  hall mark  of  the  functions of  the  public

authorities. Functions of  the Commission and Committees concerned  with the selection

processes should not only  be  fair and  transparent  but should appear to  have  been  so.

It was therefore a long felt need  and necessity  to  bring out  a  Manual  which  would  act

as guideline  for  proper and efficient functioning of the Commission . This has ultimately

culminated into the present Manual which contains Rules of Procedure and Conduct

of  Business  of  the  Sikkim  Public Service Commission.


The  Manual  for Sikkim Public Service Commission  is  a  document  which  seeks  to  lay

down guidelines for various functions of the Commission as well as Selection Committees.

It specifies and fixes the duties  and  responsibilities of officers and staff of the Secretariat

of  the  Commission  at  different levelsIt  is  hoped  that  the  guidelines contained in this

Manual will make the works in the Commission easier, effective and efficient.


The  Officers  and staff  of  the  Commission under  the  able guidance  of  the  Hon'ble

Member, Shri K.N. Sharma, did a commendable job in finalising this Manual I  would

like to make a special mention otireless and sincere effort made by Shri Dilu Kumar

Pradhan,  Additional Secretary  in  drafting  it.  It  would not  have seen  light of the day

without their sincere and wholehearted  support and cooperation.  I  congratulate all of

them  for  this  achievement.


Dated  Gangtok                                                                        (Dorji Dahdul) IAS (retd)

 the 23rd December 2008                                                                Chairman,

                                                                                                 Sikkim Public Service Commission








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