1. 1. Public Service Commission under the Constitutional Scheme.-


          The Public Service Commissions have been set up in the Central and State levels in terms

of Article  315  of the Constitution of India.  The Public Service Commissions  are  envisaged  as

independent constitutional institutions  not  subject  to  governmental  or  political  interference  or

control  and charged  with  the  responsibility of recruitment and  management  of  public services.

One of the safeguards enacted to ensure  its  independence is that the expenses  of  State Public

Service Commission, including any salaries, allowances and pensions payable to or in respect of

the members or staff of the Commission are charged  on  the Consolidated  Fund  of  the  State in

terms  oArticle  322   of  the  Constitution.

           The profound objective of the setting up of Public Service Commissions at  the Central and

State  levels,  therefore,  was  to  provide  an institution which, in  a  fully transparent mannercan

select the  personnel for a professional  public service by ensuring recruitment and advancement

based  on  merit, free from nepotism or  favouritism  based  on  political  or  other considerations,

individual  likes  or  dislikes, or  any  form  of  canvassing.


1.2. Functions of the State Public Service Commlssion.-


          The functions of the State Public Commission,as enumerated in Clause (1) of Article 320 of

the Constitution 'of India, are

          (1)   to conduct examinations for appointments to the services of the State.

          (2)   to make recommendations to the State Government for appointment of persons to

                  the Services;

         (3)    to be consulted in the matters of oppolnrrnents. promotions, transfer and disciplinary

                  matters of civilian employees of the State Government;

        (4)      to advise on any other matter that may be referred by the Government.

        (5)      to advise on any claim by or in respect of a person who is serving or has served

                  under the Government of the State in a civil capacity, that any costs incurred by him

                  in defending legal proceedings instituted against him in respect of acts done or

                  purporting to be done in the execution of his duty should be paid out of the

                  Consolidated Fund of the State;

         (6)    to advise on claim for the award of a pension in respect of injuries sustained by a

                 person while in service under the Government of Sikkim,in a civil capacity, and any

                question as to the amount of any such award.







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