(7)    to present an annual reporto  the Governor who shall cause  it  to be laid  before the

                    State Legislature.

1.3. It  is  also the duty  of  Commission  t tender advice,  on  any matter so referred to it and on

any  other  mattewhicthe Governor  of  the State, may refer  to  it.


2. 1.  After Sikkim became  a full-fledged  State  of  Union  of  India, the Governor  of  Sikkim  made

regulations,  namely,  Sikkim Public Service Commission  Regulations,  1976 (Sikkim  Government

Gazette (Extraordinary) No. 69 dated 18th October 1976in respects of compositions  and  stafof

the Sikkim Public Service Commission, their tenure  of  Office and conditions of service.  According

to  regulatio of  the said  Regulations,  the  Sikkim  Public  Service   Commission  consists  of  a

Chairman and one or more other members as the Governor of Sikkim consider necessary from time

to time. Subsequently,  these  Regulations  were amended  vide Sikkim Public Service Commission

(Members) Regulation  1983  and regulation  3  of the said Regulations provided that the number  of

members  of  the  Commission,  excluding  the  Chairman, shall  noexceed  two.  Copies  of  these

Regulations are appended vide APPENDIX -IA and APPENDIX 1B, respectively.

2.2. The functioof the Sikkim Public Service Commission  is similar as enumerated  in  paragraph

2 and 3.

2.3 Exemption   from   Consultation.- The  State  Government  as  respects  services  and   posts,

apart  from  the  all-India  Services,   in  connection  with  the  affairs  of  the  State is  competento

make  regulations,  under  Clouse  (4)  of Article  320  of  the  Constitution  of  India,   specifyinthe

matters   in   which  either  generally,   or   in   any   particular   class  or   casor  in   any   particular

circumstance.  it shall not be necessary for thSikkim Public Service Commission to be consulted.

The  Government  of  Sikkim  has  made   Sikkim  Public  Service Commission    (Exemption  from

Consultation)     Regulations  specifying the  matters   in   which  the  State  Government  need  not

consult the Commission. These Regulations are given  in  APPENDIX II.

2.4 Secretor/at   of  the  Commission.- The  Commission   has  its  Secretariat   headed   by   a

Secretary and other officers and  staff appointed under  the  Sikkim  Public  Service  Commission

(Staff)  Regulations, 1983  aamended  from time to time. A copy each of these Regulations with

amendments is appended vide APPENDIX - III.

2.5   The present manpower position of the Commission is negligible, to say the least. The work-

load  of  the  Commission  has  increaseby   many  folds  since  its  inception.   Besides,   the

responsibility o holding  large  number  of  examinations conducted  by  Union  Public  Service

Commission  in  its  Examination  Centre  at  Gangtok adds up considerable work load  on  the






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